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TDL-400 Desk Top Low Speed Centrifuge
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TDL-400 Desk Top Low Speed Centrifuge

TDL-400 Desk Top Low Speed Centrifuge
TDL-400 centrifuge is a conventional instrument for centrifugal sedimentation in medicine and biology.
The maximum speed is 4000r/min, the maximum capacity is 24×10ml, and the maximum centrifugal force is 2250×g. It is applicable to the experiments of analysis in the fields such as hospital, biology, medicine and agriculture. It’s an ideal instrument for the hospital, labs to make qualitative analysis to serum, plasma, radio-immumty.
It is controlled by microprocessor and driven by D.C. brushless motor, digital display the speed and time. It has the advantages of large capacity, low noise and steady performance. With the special resist-vibration, it can be automatic balance running.
  • TDL-400 Desk Top Low Speed Centrifuge

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