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Zirconia Grinding Jar for planetary ball mill
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Zirconia Grinding Jar for planetary ball mill

Planetary Ball Mill Grinding Zirconia Jar Introduce:
The zirconia grinding jar has the advantages of good wear resistance, high strength and low wear, which can ensure that the ground raw materials will not be mixed with other impurities. Pure zirconia is a high-grade refractory raw material, its melting point is 2715 ℃, it can improve the high temperature viscosity of glaze and expand the temperature range of viscosity change, and has good thermal stability, when its content is 2%-3%, it can be Improve the anti-cracking performance of the glaze. Because of its high chemical inertness, it can improve the chemical stability and acid and alkali resistance of the glaze, and can also act as an opacifier. The molecular weight of pure zirconia is 123.22, and the theoretical density is 5.89 g/cm3.!We have different agate grinding jars from 50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml,2000ml,2500ml,3000ml,4000ml,5000ml for your selection.And we are accept customized size .
  • 50ml Zirconia grinding jars

  • Samy

  • 50ml

50ml Zirconia Grinding jar:
100ml Zirconia Grinding jar:
250ml Zirconia Grinding jar:
500ml Zirconia Grinding jar:
1000ml Zirconia Grinding jar:
2000ml Zirconia Grinding jar:
2500ml Zirconia Grinding jar:
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